Introducing Us

Hiiiii! Zooming is life 💯

We thought we’d introduce ourselves for anyone interested:

Liz, Klaire and Anna are all members of Cross Street Arts and Associate Artists of Wigan Steam who support them immensely.

Liz is a Wigan-based artist who, along with founding Artist Discussion, is a creative, digital and story-telling workshop facilitator. She is also a full-time Digital Inclusion, Research & Engagement Lead Officer. She loves watching and learning about birds, aquariums, rock pools and silly cat & dog jumpers. @e_lchapman

Klaire is a performance and interdisciplinary artist, as well as an arts educator. In addition to Cross Street Arts & Wigan STEAM, she is an associate artist at The Birley Studios. Her work has been internationally acknowledged since 2014. She enjoys Atlas Obscurer adventures, true crime podcasts, bold lipstick and marmite! @klairedoyleart

Anna is a multimedia research artist, curator and arts educator, based in Wigan. She is a trustee at GRAFT. She has exhibited internationally and her research writing has been published. She loves geeking out on uni lectures on YouTube, Blackadder, fluffy animals and themed parties. @annafcsmith

Published by Artist Discussion & TERM Art Classes

Artist Discussion and TERM Art Classes are a fellowship of two entities who share values and online platforms to encompass peer support opportunities for artists and the art inquisitive.

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