What kind of art could I make with no monetary / institutional support?

We posted this question on our Instagram on 23rd April 2021, here are the answers offered by our followers:

  1. You can make sculpture with recycled materials or found materials. You can make pigments with natural material to paint. You can use your phone for photography. You can use social media as a platform to promote your work.
  2. I believe lots can be done without money/institutional support. Personally I’ve made 3d work from found, recycled & gifted objects. Reused packaging, paper, cardboard and magazines for making drawing & collages. Burnt wood & food dyes for drawings & old clothes/linens for textile work.
  3. A paper/card recycling wheely bin is a treasure trove of things to use as a support to work on – and there’s usually lots of things to collage/make Matisse-inspired cut-outs forms out of!
  4. Junk mail can also be a good source of materials to draw on or collage; envelopes, brochures, take away menus … DIY stores are great for paint shade cards and random leaflets/catalogues – just don’t be greedy! Even if you don’t work with this stuff – there’s often colour/texture inspo that can be kept for future ref.
  5. I make art out of rubbish and scraps. ♻️♻️♻️
  6. Horsing around: Australian man creates paper pony out of lunch bags in hotel quarantine.
  7. ✨ Make performance art ✨ Make action art ✨ Use your voice to make sound and use your body to explore space ✨ Take to a landscape and create sculptures/actions with twigs and leaves ✨ Record moments via phone camera or note pads ✨✨✨✨ You are the art ✨✨✨✨

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