Art in the Archives

Learn about Wigan Borough’s art history and create your own art with the help of guest artists Anna and Klaire.

Join us in Leigh Town Hall for 6 fantastic Art in the Archives sessions. Anna and Klaire will spend each week delivering a lecture about the life and work of artists connected to Wigan Borough with research from the archives. These classes are combined with practical art activities inspired by the lectures for you to take part in. By the end of each class, you will have new found knowledge on the work and life of a fabulous artist. You will also be equipped with new techniques to improve your own art and to embed your understanding of the artist. These classes welcome all abilities.

Due to COVID restrictions, visitors will be required to wear a mask whilst onsite, unless you have an exemption. There will be multiple hand washing facilities available.

Published by Artist Discussion & TERM Art Classes

Artist Discussion and TERM Art Classes are a fellowship of two entities who share values and online platforms to encompass peer support opportunities for artists and the art inquisitive.

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