I’m wanting to get some postcards printed… Am I better doing a drawing the same size as the postcard? Is A5 the right size? What would be the best resolution for a good print? 

We posted this question on our Instagram on 30th January 2023, here are the answers offered by our followers:

  1. I’d always suggest with any design to scale up for more flexibility with your design but stick to the same ratio on your canvas/art board etc and then scale the design down afterwards.
  2. Resolution for print is normally 300 dpi or pixels per cm and CMYK colour setting.
  3. I’ve never done it the same size as the postcard-normally A4 upwards-I find when I scan it in, it’s the resolution that’s important rather than the size-what I do though, as I’m forgetful, Is go onto the website I’m buying the cards from and play with their sizing tools-scan in a old image or take a photograph and see what works best-I hope that helps-I’m not really technically minded.
  4. I’d say size up if anything, get as much detail as you can into your original and then size down for the print.
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