Art Feedback volunteers

Linda Welsh

A practicing artist and studio member of Cross Street Arts, linked to social media and a full time Creative Arts tutor for A level with over 25 years of teaching experience giving advice and feedback on a wide variety of artwork.

Dustin Lyon

Dustin Lyon is a multidisciplinary artist who specialises in immersive site-specific installations as well as creating paintings and scaled down objects. His work combines sculpture, light, video projections and sound using the latest technologies and unique materials. Instagram: @realdustinlyon
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Alice Thickett

Alice Thickett has been creating analogue collage artwork for over 10 years under the pseudonym Keith Bloody Mary. Alice is currently a PhD student at MMU, researching collage, animal hybrids, bioengineering and, posthumanism. Alice is currently an editor for the sciart journal Consilience, and is experienced at giving feedback to artists in a constructive way. Website:

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