COMING SOON: Art Feedback

If you are an artist or arts professional, we need your help!

Liz is seeking to set up a quick and easy way for artists to receive professional feedback about their art, work processes and to learn how to develop their artists practice. Artists will be able to submit art to be critiqued and request help with their artistic development. We are looking for artists/arts professionals to become ‘Art Feedback Volunteers’ to help in the process.

Art Feedback

How will it work?

  1. Artist submits a piece of work through our website
  2. Liz shares the artwork and requests comments from our artist volunteers
  3. Artist volunteers reply to Liz with constructive and fair feedback
  4. Liz sends the anonymised comments back to the artist

In return, we will feature you on the website and across our social media platforms.

If you would be interested in helping other artists, please register your interest below.

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