Art Feedback

Art Feedback is a quick and easy way for artists to receive professional feedback about their art, work processes and to learn how to develop their artistic practice. Art Feedback acts as an alternative to face to face art crits. You can submit art to be critiqued and request help with your artistic development. 
How does it work?
  1. Fill in the form below. You can submit up to 3 art works at one time. There is no limit on the number of Art Feedback requests you submit.
  2. Email images of your art work with titles to
  3. Liz will share your art work and request comments from our amazing artist volunteers. You can find out more about our volunteers below.
  4. Artist volunteers reply to Liz with constructive, fair feedback and advice.
  5. Liz will then send the comments back to you.

Meet our Art Feedback Volunteers
Volunteer with us!

We are looking for artists/arts professionals to become ‘Art Feedback Volunteers’ to help in the process. Would you be interested in helping artists? In return, we will feature you on the website and across our social media platforms.

Please register your interest below.

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